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Scottie Care
Your Scottie is an adventurous and energetic little dog – he or she will want to explore and, if given the chance, will make the house conform to their view of what is proper and correct, which may not match your view.

Scotties view will include chewed cords, scattered shoes and toys well distributed. For Scottie puppy, everything in reach is fair game. They will learn their boundaries – but at the beginning they will assume if they can touch it – it is theirs.

Scottie is also pretty fearless – which means they may get themselves in trouble– so it is very important that you spend some time puppy proofing the house. This helps not only to keep your puppy safe, but also to teach them boundaries.
Grooming Your Scottie

Scottish Terriers are dogs that require grooming on a regular basis( every 4-8 weeks).  Why?  Because their furnishings pick up pine needles, leaves and knots  underneath their arms and legs.

All kinds of creatures may decide to nest in those furnishings.   You just need a few supplies and your Scottie will love the time and attention you can give to them!  Not to mention how well cared for they will look!

I would be happy to  teach you to groom your Scottie. There are two approaches to grooming:  clipping or stripping the coat (jacket)

Many owners prefer to take their Scotties to be groomed.  If a Scottie is clipped, expect a charge of $50.00 or more.  To preserve the integrity of the coarse coat that is indigenous to the true authentic terrier, stripping your Scottie is painless and stripping knives are available.  


Shampoo- Some good brands for Scottie coats are:  Biogroom, PetSilk, Crown Royale and Chris Christenson products are recommended.  For dry, sensitive skin, Bio-groom Oatmeal are reliable shampoos.  Always  use a puppy tearless shampoo on the face, regardless of age.  Eyes are sensitive to harsh ingredients.

Conditioners- Crown Royale Conditioner Plus, Summerwind, Cherry Knoll

Brushes-  Boar Bristle brush, Chris Christenson brushes to include a pin brush (rectangular) and a metal comb (plastic ones tend to break and leave the teeth embedded in the coat).

Nail clippers

Thinning scissors- Double edge is good

Straight scissors

Charcoal grill pumice stone- Used for stripping only

Stripping knives- Fine and medium

Electric clippers such as Andis with a #10 and # 8.5 blade