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How many different varieties of Scottish Terriers are there?

Scottish Terriers can be black, wheaten  or brindle.  The brindle Scotties can be red brindles or silver brindles.

Do Scotties swim?

Scotties can’t swim.  Please do not take them to a pool, river or lake.  They will drown.

Why should I purchase my Scottie from a reputable breeder?

Back yard “breeder”  typically are not careful to screen Scottie  generation history for health concerns.  Sometimes too the breeding is too close in terms of parentage.  Reputable breeders check into line breeding and are conscious of genetic issues.  When Scotties are bred too close together, the conformation of the dog is compromised and health as well as temperament concerns arise.

Do you keep a list of people wanting pups?

I do sometimes.  It depends on the time of the year.

How much do your pups cost?

Pet puppies range in price from $1200-$1500 each depending on the size of the litter and expenses involved. Contact me for Show puppies.

Do you have any older pups/dogs? How much are they?

Yes, I occasionally have older pups that did not work for show or an older (6 yrs or more) dog that I want to find that perfect retirement home. Pricing for let's say a 6 to 9 month pup would be about $800-$1000. A retirement dog would be more like $300-$500.

Can I buy a dog for breeding?

I do not sell dogs for breeding purposes unless you want to show the dog and be mentored to the proper means of propagating these genetics.

If you don't have any puppies, will you help me find one?

If we don't have what you are looking for I'll refer you onto someone else if I can. Please be prepared to travel for your pup. There are not usually Scottie breeders in everyone's back yard!

Are Eglantine Scottish Terriers black or black/brindle?

Eglantine Scottish Terriers are black or black/brindle and all-black or black/brindle Bitches are available.